Auto body Collision Repair

Prestige Auto Body is one of the best auto-body collision repair shops in Miami. We are a specialized and talented team who can handle different problems for your vehicle, from minor scratches and dents to major collision repair at an affordable price. Prestige auto body is solution to collision repair.


What is included in auto body repairing?

  • During auto body collision repair different damaged parts of the car body like fenders, bumpers, grills, and trim are removed. Also, change car frames and chassis to repair cars’ structural damage.
  • Remove out or patch dent and other body damage.
  • Change windshields and window glass and waterproof them with the chemical treatment.
  • Repair all major and minor damages of the car like crack windshield to replace the entire door panel.
  • Our auto body repair technicians strengthen your car metal panel and replace parts that can not be fixed.

Steps of auto body repair:-


First step of auto body repair includes the estimation of your vehicle, to check what type of damage exists. The estimation process is only for visible damage if there is any major damage that may be discovered as the vehicle is taken apart.


Disassembly is the process in which a vehicle is prepared for repair. At the disassembly stage, all hidden damage to the vehicle is often found. In this step, the request is done to make sure that all damage is documented and find out if the vehicle should be still repaired.


This is an important step of auto body collision repair as it ensures that the car remains structurally safe. In this step wheel Alignment and other suspensions, repairs are also done. In this step, all the mechanical repairs are done with the structural repairs.


In this step, the auto body repair shop will prepare all panels for painting before priming and sealing.


During this step of auto body collision repair, all the systems of the car body are inspected. In these steps, all detail pieces and final molding are returned to the vehicle. Once the car reaches this step of auto body collision repair, the repair is almost done and the car is ready to deliver to the client.

Quality control inspection:-

In this step of auto body repair all the surface of the car is cleaned and the paint is polished. Also, all the interior cleaning of the car is done and the vehicle is washed. In this step, the test drive of the car is taken to ensure that there is no problem in driving.


This is the final step of the auto collision repair in which the car is handed back to the client, with completion of all paperwork.

This way prestige auto body makes your car ready to drive again. So, if you are looking for an auto body collision repair service in Miami then contact Prestige auto body, which provides the best services to the customer.